6 key elements to build your successful accounting, bookkeeping and tax firm
Forbes Magazine
Discover the three reasons Forbes Magazine says why starting an Accounting Practice is one of the most  profitable and  best home-based businesses
Learn from the master coaches: Roger Knecht and Scott McKinley
This 1 hour webinar is a unique presentation where we discuss 6 key elements to build your successful accounting, bookkeeping and tax firm. We address what a person needs individually to succeed as well as the marketing to find and retain the right clients.

Learn what services the businesses looking for, need and are willing to pay for. Consider what services need to be offered to be competitive and get paid what you are worth.

In accounting, bookkeeping and tax, the demand is high and the skilled workers are dwindling while the tools are making this faster and easier. 

Learn how to get started for under $100. Learn the first five steps. 

Hear what you need to have the confidence and competence to become a Profit & Growth Expert with your clients.

►  Get the support and direction to get and keep more clients
►  Have the confidence and skills to charge more and get paid what you are worth
►  Follow a proven turnkey process to build the practice you want
6 Key Elements to start and build your firm, quickly and easily for yourself but not by yourself... GUARANTEED!
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6 Key Elements You Will Learn From This 1 Hour Webinar:
Key #1: Why businesses need proactive accounting services
Help you recognize why businesses truly need your services and why they should be services that are proactive. The old days of reactive services are no longer serving your clients needs for decision making.
Key #2: What the demand for accounting services is today
What kind of need is there in our communities and what can we do to help meet these needs and demands.
Key #3: How to get started today for $100

Can you really get started for under $100? YES! What are the steps? There are so few costs with running a successful practice. That is why it is consistently one of the most profitable businesses to run, year after year.
Key #4: What 3 things you need to remember when getting clients
What do you need to keep at the forefront of your mind as you market your business and get the clients that need your services and are willing to pay you what you are worth.
Key #5: What is a client really worth? $$

What is the true value of a client? If you are going to go through the efforts of finding and getting clients, what are they worth and what you must realize as you take on new clients
Key #6: How to be in business FOR yourself but not BY yourself
You do not need to do this alone. There is a Turnkey process to creating your business effectively and profitably.
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