Color Accounting Remote Workshop
Make Better Business Decisions for
Accounting, Bookkeeping, Tax and
Managerial-Level Professionals
Color Accounting Remote Workshop is designed for managerial-level professionals.
A brand new way to learn finance for non-finance managers!
Two Day Workshop: July 31 & Aug. 1, 2019
Day 1 9:00 am to 12:00 pm MDT
Day 2 9:00 am to 12:00 pm MDT
"You don’t have to be a financial whiz, but if you're in a managerial position, you need to have a solid understanding of what drives your company’s profits and expenses and how key financial metrics are used." Quest Learning - Malaysia

Are you or your team...

► Intimidated by financial information?
► Uncomfortable to face budget expenses or deal with financial data to make decisions?
► Confused by the accounting terms and find it very challenging to interpret of financial information?
► Uncertain or uncomfortable when making decisions?
►Doing your part in meeting financial goals?
► Aware of how your daily decision-making make an impact on profit?
► Blindly replicating last year’s budget?
Financial Literacy is a core competency in any organization. If you want to set yourself free, then you need to increase your business acumen. One critical element of that is your level of financial literacy, and that’s where we come in with Color Accounting.
Who is this event for?

People at all levels of organizations like yours, including…

    Non-financial Managers
    Small Business Owners
    HR and L&D Managers
    C-Level Executives
    Senior, Mid-Level and Junior
    General and Technical
    Non-Profit Organizations

In these lively 2 morning sessions, you will:

► Discover the 7 key financial communication pitfalls
► Experience a training product that you can sell to your clients for new revenue opportunities
► Leave with a hands-on client-communication tool to which you can add your firm’s branding
► Take away learning that you can readily pass forward to your staff and colleagues, increasing their billing capacity and effectively reducing the cost per learner of this breakthrough seminar
► As a financial leader, be a stand for your clients’ success
► Transform the way they understand business with a powerful Value Cycle model
► Meet like minded professionals for excellent networking opportunities
Incredible two-day Live / Remote Workshop only $397 USD
Live Workshop
The class will be held live in Draper, UT.
You may attend at our offices at:
12441 South 900 East, Suite 120
Draper, Utah 84020
If you are signing up to attend the workshop at our offices, you will be able to receive your training products the day of the workshop on the premises.
Remote Workshop
The Remote Workshop will be using the online Zoom platform. You will be required to download the free Zoom software and will need a working camera and microphone with your computer.
When signing up for the remote workshop, the deadline for registration is one week prior to the event, to allow shipping time for your training products.
Learn Financial Literacy for Non-Financial Professionals
What is Color Accounting?

Color Accounting is a breakthrough visual system that has you deliver financial advice and accounting explain clearly to your clients. From Harvard Business School, government agencies and senior lawyers at top-tier law firms, Color Accounting is helping people see accounting in a bright new light.
It turns out that accounting is easy when you can see it.

Color Accounting is a unique approach to language acquisition: clever diagrams and specific colors quickly show how accounting and business work. It’s fast, simple, memorable and very powerful.

With Color Accounting’s Value Cycle and BaSIS Framework™, any non-financial manager can clearly and quickly grasp how business works. The tools are vivid and unforgettable. Typical learning outcomes include: increase profits, improve cash flow, manage divisional or company finances, read financial reports, make better decisions, become more engaged in the results, and talk confidently with experts.

Color Accounting is used for employee development and engagement by leading banks, corporations, universities, professional organizations, agencies and law firms.

Discover a profoundly simple model of how accounting works, in a way that makes the subject truly accessible to everybody.

Experience how props, colors, diagrams, linkages and sound effects have transformed a notoriously boring subject, changing the lives of many.

Uncover a new form of literacy that has the potential to shift the focus of the 'personal finance' conversation.
What is included in the Color Accounting Remote Workshop:

The closest possible experience to attending the live one day workshop without being there.
The hybrid approach - digital instruction and physical resources - is a unique combination designed to appeal to all learning styles.
3 hours each day for 2 days.
Good balance between ‘watching’ and ‘doing’.
Government authorized certificate on successful completion awarded by UAC.
Direct access to Ken Bostrom as the course instructor.
Textbook with a full student course-ware kit - shipped free within the US and Canada.
The facilitation process:

Each session will be using Zoom.US video-conferencing technology. Zoom is a free app that you can download on your computer (better) or your smart device (you will probably need a stand so you can use your hands). Because the session is interactive and you will be working in breakout rooms with other participants, you will need to ensure that both your mic and camera work.

The class will be broadcasting to you from an actual training room with a manual whiteboard for the session. To the extent the technology allows, the experience of being in a live in-house workshop will be replicated, including working in pairs and small groups.

You will need to successfully complete both of the two accounting literacy sessions and and final test to receive your competency certificate (issued by UAC under the State of Utah).
DAY ONE - 3 hours
Defining our learning purpose
Why learning accounting can be easy
Setting yourself free to learn
Concept of perspective
What is accounting?
The history of accounting
Where Color Accounting Fits in
Structure – a framework for telling the financial story
Language – defining accounting terms precisely
Movement – increasing, decreasing and summarizing account balances
The accounting duality
The concept of balance

DAY TWO - 3 hours
The BaSIS Framework
Defining the five accounting elements
The value cycle of business
Debit and Credit, as nature and effect
The profits: various profit calculations
Accrual accounting
Reading the balance sheet 
Reading the income statement 
Cash flow statement overview 
Telling a business story 
Value cycle of business 
Traditional layout of the accounting elements
A business narrative


Our clients range from the smallest micro-businesses in developing economies to the executive teams of the largest multi-nationals in the financial capitals of the world.  Lawyers, legislators, financial regulators, sales people, interns, engineers, bankers and entrepreneurs, benefit from Color Accounting training.

Our worldwide network of accredited Color Accounting Leaders means that we can serve clients everywhere.
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