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A Rewarding Career in accounting is Easy
Did you know you can get certified in bookkeeping, tax preparation or QuickBooks in as little as 4 weeks?
You do not have to go to years of school to have a great income as an accounting, bookkeeping and/or tax professional.

Universal is here to help certify your skills and help you enhance your career by increasing your business knowledge in accounting, bookkeeping, QuickBooks, and/or taxes. Getting certified is easy with Universal's programs.

Your successful career in accounting within the following occupations:
  •     Accountant
        Accounts Payable Clerk
        Accounts Receivable Clerk
        Bookkeeping Clerk
        Payroll Clerk
        Accounting Clerk
        General Ledger Bookkeeper
        QuickBooks Specialist
        Office Manager
        Full-charge Bookkeeper
        Internal Auditor
        General Ledger Accountant
        Income Tax Specialist
        Business Tax Professional
I knew nothing of accounting before I took this class and now I feel I have a good working knowledge of bookkeeping. -- S. David
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