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Is Starting Your Own Accounting, Bookkeeping and or Tax Business Right For You?
Learn how the proper certifications and coaching will help you start your own successful accounting, bookkeeping and/or tax business with Universal Accounting® so you can be in business for yourself but not by yourself.

A friendly and knowledgeable Advisor will help you explore your options and uncover the right training solution and business plan to suit you.

✓ Discover how your own service can be profitable
✓ Learn how easy it is to get your own service started
✓ Find out how to get clients quickly and grow your practice

Since 1979 Universal Accounting Center has helped thousands of individuals start and build their own successful accounting, bookkeeping and tax firms.

Whether this is something that you would like to do part-time as a supplemental income with just a handful of clients or full-time as your primary income - this is for you.
Start Your Own Accounting and Bookkeeping Service – 
The Universal Experience
Have the competence and the confidence to Start & Build your firm
We have the programs to take you where you want and need to go in your career.
Professional Bookkeeper™ Certification: After achieving the Professional Bookkeeper™ designation, you’ll be a full-charge accounting professional, skilled in the day-to-day practical application of accounting in small to mid-sized businesses.

The QuickBooks Specialist™ Certification: Earning the QuickBooks Specialist™ designation certifies your expertisewith QuickBooks as a professional bookkeeper knowing the tips and tricks to be efficient in the daily use of QuickBooks.

Professional Tax Preparer™ Certification: Professional Tax Preparer™designation is ideal for individuals proficient in preparing trusted tax preparation for individuals and businesses.

Marketing Coach: Marketing accounting services is more than just casting a net into thebusiness community.  It is more than joining a group.  It's not abrochure or an ad.  Learn the strategies that other accountants haveproven to work.  Don't put to chance the building of your practice.  Usethe art of marketing your firm so that you can find and retain theclients you deserve.

Since 1979 Universal Accounting has tested and proven the techniques that work, now it's your turn to follow this proven system to build your firm and get paid what you are worth.
I was able to quit my job last November… my tax practice is in full swing and my referral business is growing rapidly! It really is true, after you get a few clients, the referrals start popping up, and I am at the point now where my basic living and business expenses are covered – YEAH!!! And business is growing, I have taken on 3 new ongoing bookkeeping clients in the past 2 weeks, with one more probable coming up….

I am very excited about the growth of my business and very thankful to UAC for the help and support I get when I need it.
-- Angel Vincent
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