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Building the Premier Accounting Firm
GET READY and sit down - we are going to address:

1. GETTING MORE CLIENTS - I’m not busy enough
2. OFFERING MORE REVENUE STREAMS - I feel I could be doing more with my current clients to increase my average revenue per client
3. WORKING MORE EFFICIENTLY & PROFITABLY - I’m TOO busy, I need to work smarter and free up some time before I die at this. I need my life back while I continue to charge the same if not more. 
It's time to work ON your business. So first we need to determine what you want to accomplish and then we’ll help you SEIZE The Moment!

As the owner of the accounting firm, either as a solo-preneur or with a staff of accountants, bookkeepers and tax preparers you need to work ON your business. For this reason we are here to help you out. As you read this page we’re going to take you step by step through the process to help you have the premier accounting firm in your area.
To start, let me quickly point out how we help you:

1. Engage & Manifest – begin with the end in mind, gain clarity and take action
2. Understand Accounting – offer the right services to get paid what you are worth
3. Increase Revenue – establish a proven process of marketing and sales to find and retain your ideal clients
4. Improve Profits – work efficiently, deliberately to put profits first.
5. Build Value – focus on the 8 drivers that determine the value of your business so that it is more than a list of customers but an business that operates beyond you.

To do this we start by MAPPING the business:
This is defined as:
Marketing - Finding and engaging with new clients 
Accounting - The Services offered 
Production - The efficiency that the work is done (Standard Operating Procedures) 

Therefore, we start by asking:

Where is your biggest FEAR, Challenge or Opportunity to build your business and get paid what you are worth?
Now be honest. Too often the answer is, “well all of them” but that doesn’t work. You need to focus. So let’s think about this. If you were to focus on one things, which would make the biggest difference in the bottom line:

MORE CLIENTS? - I’m not busy enough 

MORE REVENUE STREAMS? - I feel I could be doing more with my current clients to increase my average revenue per client 

WORKING MORE EFFICIENTLY? - I’m TOO busy, I need to work smarter and free up some time before I die at this. I need my life back while I continue to charge the same if not more. 
I’m sure that helped. So which is it?
Stop looking at where you are and become clear what you are going to be.

    “begin with the end in mind” – Stephen Covey

So again, is it the MARKETING, ACCOUNTING or the PRODUCTION?

Once you know what you are going to focus on in the coming months to take your business to that next level I want you to keep this in mind. As the owner of the accounting firm you will find yourself in one of three situations. You are either as the owner in a role of:

        Job – involved in the day-to-day operations of the business
        Lifestyle – you have key employees that are taking care of the clients and day-to-day operations
        Owner – you have key people with vision that contribute to the direction of the business
And it’s time to change it, improve it and this is the perfect path to having the premier accounting firm. The solutions are simple (not easy but clear).

    Marketing = focusing on marketing and sales
    Accounting = More value based services
    Production = working more efficiently using proven standard operating procedures

All of this is based upon the principles found in the book, “in the BLACK – nine principles to make your business profitable”

There is no reason to leave your success to chance. After working with accounting professionals since 1979 to start and build successful accounting firms we’ve learned the art and science behind the process. Through this process you also become for your clients a Profit & Growth Expert giving you the confidence and competence to get paid what you are worth as you run the premier accounting firm in your area, becoming an accountrepreneur .

They beauty of this entire process is that you can leverage your experience through Universal Accounting Center so that you can enroll in the appropriate programs and SAVE! We’ve taken our position in the accounting world to give you the tools, resources, training, certifications, coaching and support at a savings allowing you move forward without the risk and individual costs.

Enroll with Universal Accounting Center and you can take advantage of the difference programs with tuition options you can afford.
In addition to the programs you need to take your business to the next level you also have access to the coaches you need to implement everything with confidence removing the risk and giving you the support you need. Imagine working with all the KEY players within the accounting world – each at your finger tips – literally a private message, a text, an email, a phone call away.
So again, I ask, what is your priority to take your business to another level and make this the best year ever?

What would you do to work with these powerful coaches?

Let me just say that there is something to say when you consider you can work with these individuals over the next 12, 18 to 24 months!
Here’s just a few of those you could be working with this week:
For many this is where I would suggest that you also consider the many success stories and testimonials that we’ve received over the years. Each is a testament that there is no need to leave this to chance. This is your opportunity to have the premier accounting firm – being in business for yourself but not by yourself. Why, because accounting success is Universal.
So, what is the next step? What do you need to do now?

Simple, I have an offer for you right now that is easy. I’m going to offer you 30 minutes to have a personal breakthrough call. We would love to learn more about you, your background, your goals. This is will be well worth your time. Together we’ll see what we can do to take your business to that next level.
After you set our appointment together there there will be a questionnaire that follows. It will help us prepare for the call. (We look forward to reading them)

Here is a short agenda of what we’ll cover in the conversation:

Your background
Experience & Education 
Why did you start your business (what happened to cause you to become an entrepreneur / accountrepreneur)? 
* What services do you offer?
* What are your goals for the year
* What are your plans to achieve them
* What are your fears, challenges & opportunities as you see them

I’m happy to also discuss anything else you would like as this is your time to build the premier bookkeeping service.

And of course consider this, which is the most challenging or biggest opportunity you need help addressing in the coming months/year 

        Marketing & Sales – finding and engaging with more of your ideal clients 
        Accounting – offering additional (value based) services to increase the average revenue per client
        Production – finding & on-boarding qualified staff, streamlining the workflow using standard operating procedures to be more efficient and profitable

We look forward to our discussion.

In the meantime you may also want to get your business score – this is a 15 minute questionnaire about your business which will help me identify your strengths and areas for opportunity in the coming months
Having the premier accounting firm is accomplished when following a stable turnkey business model that is based on a proven system. A process that follows standard operating procedures to market, engage and service clients with confidence.  

Using a system to start and build the business allows you work efficiently to bring in the profits. This will save you both time, energy and money.

This turnkey process offers you the predictability we all want to budget and forecast success. All of this is possible whether you are doing this part-time as a supplemental income (working nights or weekends with a handful of clients) or full-time as your primary income. Regardless this is the right way to find, engage, on-board, work and retain your clients with competence.

Being responsible to your clients as their Profit and Growth Expert allows you to offer value-based services while meeting their traditional accounting needs.
Building relationships of trust with clients is a key sign of success leading to a lasting retention. Building these relationships with clients, friends in some cases family allows us to be authentic in our services.
As you continue to grow within the accounting profession you’ll excel and remain significant to the success of your clients. As you help them use the information you provide to make more intelligent business decisions you work as a team, them seeing you as their Profit and Growth Expert. Your regular involvement with your clients helps them see you as their trusted strategic adviser.

With your enrollment at Universal Accounting Center you’ll also become part of a unique community of committed individuals that are excited to help their clients

With the support of your coaches and access to your peers you’ll be in business for yourself but not by yourself. This is the harmony you need in life to have the confidence and competence to make a difference with your clients as the premier accounting firm in your area. Now you are in a position to give back and charitably help those around you.
Having a successful accounting firm affords you the freedom to work when you want, with whom you want, doing what you want. It is now that you are experiencing the unlimited possibilities as to what services you offer, where you work, how many clients you have, and with whom you work.
This is a flexibility many dream of, but you have it when you are running the premier accounting firm. This is all possible because you’ve moved from working IN to now work ON your business – you are in control.

You are using the best processes, systems and technology to insure the work is standardized for all your clients. It’s with this efficiency that you are now more profitable than before. Because of this you can act spontaneously to offer the best of the best services.

You are a mover and a shaker, eager to take advantage of the new opportunities because you are excited to act and be the best. For this reason, you are seen in your community as the premier accounting firm working with the best clients. 

Competition is not an issue because others are only trying to do what you do for your clients.

Right now, you are winning and its fun. This is what success is and you are it, you are the best of the best offering the premier accounting services. You help your clients and as their Profit and Growth Expert. You are the trusted strategic adviser that they need!
As accounting professionals, we are on a continual quest for knowledge, knowledge of the numbers, to get a clearer understanding of the big picture. Because accounting is the language of business, we love the story it tells of the business as it comes alive through trends, ratios, etc.
Our constant pursuit to better understand and predict what is happening is personally satisfying as well as helpful to our clients. The devil is in the details. For this reason, we strive to be the best at what we do which we refer to as becoming a Profit and Growth Expert for our clients.

Although accounting has been the same since Fra Luca Bartolomeo Pacioli it is also challenging and fun when we consider cash flow management, budgets, forecasts, tax planning. There’s a strategy that is ever changing year after year.

For this reason, we embrace the new technologies and look forward to what new exciting resource or tool will come to market that will help us or our clients work more efficiently. Either way, we are the experts to know which to use, how and when. 

As we become more competent with the cutting-edge technology, we come to love our profession more and become the strategic adviser our clients need. All of this enabling us to be paid what we are worth.
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