The LADDER approach to selling accounting services!
Getting the Clients YOU NEED!
From Lead to Engagement, the process you need to sell your services.
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Have you ever wondered:
What is the difference between Marketing and Sales?
  • I talk with people about my services, but how do I convert them to a client?
  • Is there an easy system to approach the customer?
  • What value added services are they looking for?
  • What is the Ladder approach?
NOT just Marketing but Selling your Services
After marketing your accounting, bookkeeping and/or tax services what are you doing to process your new leads through a sales funnel to nurture them until they are ready to become your clients. Marketing gets you to the door, but they are not a client until you make the sale. Applying the principles of T.O.M.A. (Top of mind awareness) are you on their mind when they realize they need your services?

Using the "ladder" approach to sales you can have tiers for your clients to comfortably climb to fully use your services.
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