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The Secret to having the Premier Accounting Firm.  
Your Successful Accounting / Bookkeeping / Tax Preparation Business!
The 9 Secret Principles to help YOU have the Premier Accounting Firm!  Discover what you need to know about Running the Premier Accounting Firm... and get PAID what YOU are Worth! WHAT'S INSIDE: Learn the 9 principles to make your business profitable (You really can't miss this one...
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Buy one and Get 4 Additional Training Courses For FREE!
When You Invest In The In the BLACK Course, You Will Also Get Additional Training Courses For FREE!
The #1 request I get from people who order the In the BLACK book, is if they can also buy the video course as well.

Up until now, the answer was always NO... but recently I created this for you!

Right now you can get this course right here.

If you leave this page you'll never have another opportunity to get the course.

And to add an extra incentive, when you upgrade your order now and get the In the BLACK Course, I'm going to throw in 4 other Training Courses FOR FREE!
  Some Cool Stuff You'll Learn:
  • ​Know how to make the three major functions of business - Marketing, Production, and Accounting - work together more effectively.
  • ​Understand a process of gaining knowledge - even wisdom - to help you and your clients make better business decisions
  • ​Know how to become a Profit Expert for each of your client’s businesses. 
  • ​Improve your understanding of the financial position of your client’s business. 
  • ​Understand more clearly how accounting information can help you manage their businesses more profitably. 
  • ​Be able to develop action plans to implement these Nine Principles immediately in each business.
Course #1a ($14.95 Value)
“I came across Universal Accounting Center and the book “In The Black” about 9 years ago when I was starting my own accounting business. I had graduated with an accounting bachelor’s degree the year prior and was excited to get started. I wanted to build a company that offered really good accounting and consulting services so that I could feel good about the quality of work I was providing my clientele as well as to earn a comfortable living doing it. Universal Accounting and "in the Black" offered me great knowledge and gave me the confidence I needed to succeed on my own. I still refer back to "in the Black" now 9 years later and use the principles outlined to help clients focus on the things that will really help their business. "In the Black" is a great foundation for consultations, and I have found it to be a very valuable resource in my practice. I highly recommend Universal Accounting to anyone looking to go out on their own, or to improve what they already have in place.” – Chris Webb, Certus Accounting Solutions, LLC. CEO
Course #1b ($297 Value)
Consider this as the cornerstone for running your business and as your nine keys to being the Profit and Growth Expert for your clients.

These sessions are the foundational tools and concepts that you will need to grow your business profitably.

The eight sessions in this course will provide you with the nine principles we use when we approach each consultation in our business coaching. At its core, being profitable comes down to understanding these nine principles.
  Some Cool Stuff You'll Learn:
  • Know how to make the three major functions of business work together more effectively
  • Understand the process of gaining knowledge to make better business decisions
  • Improve your understanding of the financial position of your business
  • Understand how to manage your business more profitably
  • Develop action plans
    Here Are The Other Courses That You'll Be Getting For FREE:
      Some Cool Stuff You'll Learn:
    •  Become a Profit Expert
    • Is this turnaround work for you
    • Assess the business situation accurately and quickly
    • The Universal Turnaround Model
    Course #2 ($15.95 Value)
    Simple Straight-forward steps for turning small business problems into small business profits!

    Many times when small businesses owners need help, they turn to an accountant for advice and counsel. Red to Black in 30 Days is the guidebook for accountants and consultants who work with these disheartened small business owners.

    Each chapter focuses on a crucial aspect of the turnaround process. Simple steps are outlined from initial contact through stabilization and profitable growth. Three small business case studies are followed through the process.
    Course #3 ($497 Value)
    "Red to Black"
    Red to Black in 30 Days illustrates an effective way to build your accounting practice, make more money and gain expertise in helping troubled small businesses - making them profitable once and for all.

    This can be the guide and the course through your first turnaround experience or enhance the accounting and management skills of even the seasoned accountant and manager.

    You can build your accounting practice and make more money!
      Some Cool Stuff You'll Learn:
    • Set up a turnaround project to meet the needs of the business in trouble
    • Create a plan that can bring success in 30 days
    • Work through 3 turnaround areas
    • Reassess the situation
    • Total quality environment
    • Build your earnings and reputation as a turnaround expert
        Some Cool Stuff You'll Learn:
      • Interaction with Employees
      • Return and Report
      • Understand the WHY
      • Unique Selling Proposition
      • Financial Acumen
      • The 5th Bonus Key
      Course #4 ($297 Value)
      "Four Keys to Success"
      As business owners strive to lead, inspire and empower their employees there are 4 essential things they should focus on and develop.

      Every successful business has these four keys in common. The keys will allow the owners and managers to watch and guide the growth of the employees, and the business in its progress.
      Course #5 ($147 Value)
      "STAR Program"
      The most important asset within any business is, in fact, the employee.

      They are putting in the time and the effort to build the business.

      The STAR program is designed to help them each excel and actually deliver on what is asked of them, so that they can be successful.
        Some Cool Stuff You'll Learn:
      • Set Standards for Performance
      • Trust people to make good decisions for their jobs
      • Acknowledge their accomplishments and contributions
      • Reward them for excellent performance
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        In the BLACK Course ($297 Value)
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        Red to Black Course ($497 Value)
        4 Keys to Business Success ($297 Value)
        STAR Program ($147 Value)
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