The amazing Secret Principles to turn around your client's business from Red to BLACK
The Next secret behind Your successful accounting service!
Discover what you need to know about to become more than an accountant to small business but a profit expert...
WHAT'S INSIDE: work through the three critical turnaround areas - Controlling cash, reducing expenses and increasing revenue
A Small Business Accountant's Guide to QUICK Turnarounds
In his second book, Red to Black in 30 Days, Allen Bostrom, CPA expands on the Nine Principles from his first book, In the BLACK Nine Principles to Make Your Business Profitable, and walks the accountant through how to implement these in turning around a business. Each chapter focuses on a crucial aspect of the turn around process.
Simple straight-forward steps for turning small business problems into small business profits!
Many times, when small business owners need help, they turn to an accountant (their accountant) for advice and counsel. Red to Black in 30 Days is the guidebook for accountants and consultants who work with these disheartened small business owners.
Each chapter focuses on a crucial aspect of the turnaround process. Simple steps are outlined from initial contact through stabilization and profitable growth. Three small business case studies are followed through the process.
Red to Black in 30 Days illustrates an effective way to build your accounting practice, make more money and gain expertise in helping troubled small businesses – making them profitable once and for all. This can be the guide through your first turnaround experience or enhance the accounting and management skills of even the seasoned accountant or manager.

Alf LV Bostrom
Do you or any of your clients need help turning a business around - quick?

This economy has devastated many small businesses, and they need help fast— like, yesterday!

This book details the day by day steps necessary to quickly transform a financially troubled business into a profitable venture, chronologically, within a schedule of six 5-day weeks.

Over 50 years ago, Allen’s father, Alf Bostrom, earned the title of ‘The Turn-Around King.’ As the owner of a management firm called the Metropolitan Business Bureau,

Alf was able to save countless failing businesses, some of which were threatening bankruptcy.

Alf launched Universal Training Systems in 1979, which later became the successful Universal Accounting Center, but not before he taught his son the powerful management principles he used to bring businesses from red to black. In fact, as a young man, Allen often accompanied his father to work where he observed these principles in play—principles which Allen believes are even more important today than they were forty years ago due to increased competitive pressures.
Allen B Bostrom, CPA
Allen has since gone on to become the president and CEO of Universal Accounting Center, enjoying tremendous success. Universal has ranked in the top 100 fastest growing businesses in Utah since 2004 and has secured a spot-on Inc. 500/5000’s list of America’s fastest growing private companies for 5 consecutive years. There’s no doubt Alf had more than a few good ideas.

But Alf Bostrom’s legacy didn’t stop there.

Allen went on to write his first book, In the Black: Nine Principles to Make Your Business More Profitable, which includes many strategies that he first learned from his father. It has been on Amazon Japan’s bestseller list and is currently in its fourth printing.

Allen wrote this book for the many business owners, or their accountants or consultants where saving a failing business must precede increasing profitability.  Red to Black is designed as a practical how-to guide in helping small-business accountants and consultants manage quick and successful turnarounds. Reminiscent of those principles that made Alf ‘The Turn-Around King,’ this book is designed to rescue failing companies, regaining solid footing ‘in the black.’
RED to BLACK in 30 Days
Whether you’re a struggling business owner or a financial professional, Red to Black in 30 Days will be an invaluable resource for your business, helping you turn failing companies around and achieve true success and profitability. And as a contract accountant, bookkeeper, and/or tax preparer, you’ll find this knowledge increases your expertise and appeal exponentially.
After reading this book, you will:
•    Become more than an accountant to small businesses but a PROFIT EXPERT!
•    Find out if this turnaround work is right for you personally and for your accounting practice.
•    Set up a turnaround project to best meet the needs of the business in trouble and also get paid yourself.
•    Assess the business situation accurately and quickly.
•    Create a turnaround business plan that can bring success in 30 days with complete commitment from the business owner.
•    Work through the three critical turnaround areas-controlling cash, reducing expenses and increasing revenue.
•    Reassess the situation after 30 days to see what went well and what still needs to be done to make the business profitable.
•    Put everything together to build your earnings and your reputation as a turnaround expert and profit expert for small business.
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